1996 Proposed Projects

Tahoe, Plumas and Lassen National Forests

Fire Hazard Reduction

Forest District Type of Project Project Name ESTIMATED
Projected Acres
Output (mbf)
Outyear Analysis
Acres   Volume (mbf)
Tahoe   Fuelbreak Construction Summit (DFPZ) 900 3,100  
    " Treasure F.B. (DFPZ) 200 600  
    " Corridor (DFPZ) 1,400 300  
    " Highway 89 (DFPZ) 150 200  
    Fuelbreak Underburn Calpine Community
Defense Zone
75 0  
Plumas BW Thin & Remove Willow Creek
 Community Interface
1,500 5,500  
  FR   Robinson Thin (FRZ) 500 4,000  
  MH Fuelbreak Construction
and Thin & Remove
2,800 5,000  
  BW Fuelbreak Construction Pinebelt (DFPZ) 1,000 3,000  
    NEPA for 97 projects Outyear Planning     4,000 1,500
            (Estimate 300 ac treated)
Lassen AL Thin & Remove Mineral (CDZ)
3,300 10,000  
  HC Fuelbreak Construction Highway 44 & 16 Road (DFPZ) 1,000 4,000  
  AL   Bailey/Swain/10 Road (DFPZ) QLG comments 2,000 7,000  
  EL Fuelbreak Construction and Thin and Remove Antelope Biomass (DFPZ, FRZ) 1,000 2,000  
  AL Fuelbreak Hand Thin Mill Cr/Silver Lk/Feather River Hoites and WiCr. (CDZ) 100 0  
  AL   Almanor & Prattville (CDZ) 300 0  
  EL   Spaulding (CDZ) 300 0  
  HC Fuelbreak Tractor Pile Manzanita Chutes (CDZ) 300 0  


ESTIMATED TOTALS (Including 14% Indirect Costs)
Forest Amount ESTIMATED
Volume Output (mbf)
Outyear Anaysis
Acres    Volume
Tahoe $ 636,000 2,725 $233.39 4,200    
Plumas $1,391,00 5,800 $239.82 17,500 4,000 1,500
Lassen $1,573,000 8,300 $189.52 23,000    
TOTAL FIRE HAZARD REDUCTION $3,600,000 16,825 $213.97 44,700 4,000 1,500


FINAL TOTALS (Including 14% Indirect Costs)
Forest Amount ESTIMATED
Volume Output (mbf)
Outyear Anaysis
Acres    Volume
Tahoe $ 733,372 2,166 $338.58 n/a    
Plumas n/a n/a n/a n/a    
Lassen n/a n/a n/a n/a    
TOTAL FIRE HAZARD REDUCTION $3,600,000 n/a n/a n/a    

Watershed Restoration

Beckwourth District, Plumas National Forest

Project Name Description Work by Cost
Bagley Meadow (Red Clover II) This meadow has be dewatered as Bagley Creek has downcut into a gully. This project will fill the gully, possibly create ponds in the meadow, redirect teh creek back into a channel in the meadow, and treat two small headcuts. Beneftis will include raising the water table in the meadow, delaying runoff, enhanceing meadow habitat, and decreasing sediment delivery to Red Clover Creek. CRM* $25,000
Summit-Downing Allotment (Last Chance) This project will restore a headwater tributary of Rowland Creek. Work to be done will stabilize the downcutting in the creek either by constructing a stabel B-type channel or constructing checkdams and biotechnical revegetation work. Length of channel is approximately 1,500 feet. The project will decrease sediment delivery into the head waters of Little Last Chance Creek and enhance riparian habitat along Rowland Creek. CRM $20,000
Summit-Downing Allotment (Last Chance) This project will stabilize numerous headcuts and gullies situated within the Ferris, Charles, Astray and Jordan Creeks, all tributaries to Last Chance Creek. Treatment of thise streams at tis time is critical, since headcuts lead to gully formation and lower baselevel conditions which promote lateral stream cutting (i.e. Wolf and Greenhorn Creeks). Restoration work will occur at approximately eitght to ten project sites and will reduce sediment movement to Last Chance Creek and, in turn the North Fork of the Feather River. this project will be completed by Forest Service crews. Rock haul will be contracted by the Forest Service Range Crew $50,000
Little Stoney Last year a headcut treatment on Little Stoney Creek partially washed out. The rock step-pool structure needs to be rebuilt. This will decrease sediment delivery to Last Chance Creek, enhance riparian habitat on Stoney Creek and improve fish habitat. CRM $5,000
Aspen Release (various locations) On the eastside of the Plumas National Forest, the suppression of wildfire has resulted in a substantial decline in aspen stands which depend on wildfire to rejuvenate stands adn reduce competition with coniferous species. White fir, in particular, reproduces well beneath aspen and eventually tops the shade intolerant aspen, killing the stands over time. It is proposed to thin conifers from these stands to release the aspen, creating healthy aspen stands to provide diversity for wildlife and improved watershed and forest condition. CRM (Jobs in the Woods Crews) $10,000

* CRM- Feather River Coordinated Resources Managment

Mount Hough District, Plumas National Forest

Project Name Description Work by Cost
Boulder Creek Meadow Located adjacent to the Boulder Creek Work Center, this project will raise the channel bed elevation and groundwater table in the meadow. The channel function will be restored resulting in decreased delivery of sediment to Antelope Lake, additional habiat for riparian vetation, additional wetland habitat and improved fish habitat. Desing may include channel reconstruction, filling in the gully with dams and ponds, in-channel check dams and in-channel biotechnical revegetation. Work will require heavy equipment for earthwork and hand crews for revegetation. Riparian areas will be fenced until vegetation is re-established. CRM
Boudler Creek, Unnamed Meadow   CRM $20,000
Upstream Hallet Meadow   CRM $10,000
Indian Rock Pit Developement   CRM
Newton Flat Pond Channel   CRM $8,000
Wapaunsie/Spanish Creek Gravel   CRM
Total     $145,000