Sierraville Ranger District, Tahoe N.F.


The Summit timber sale was initiated following QLG criteria for vialbe sales. It was to be a tool for achieving forest health objectives through the timber sale process. The sale involved layout, preparation, marking and cruising. The project area was located along Highway 89 and along the Fibreboard Road within high fuel hazard areas.

No bids were received on the original bid. The Forest Service changed some mitigation requirements lowering the bid estimates. The sale was readvertised, again with no bidders. The Forest Service met with industry represenatives and learned that due to market changes, it was learned that this area was not suitable for a timber sale and that new criteria was needed for volume per acres and size to make a viable sale. The sale was dropped and a service contract was developed.

Projected Acres
Output (mbf)
Sawlogs/Biomass Ratio Receipts Cost Cost/acre Status
2/27/96 900 3,100          
12/18/96 900 3,900         No bids, will re-advertise
3/11/96 900 3100 100/0   90,000 $100 NEPA-5/96
Adverstise- 9/96
01/06/98 595 4,900 72/25   $120,200 $202.02 Awarded, service contract

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