Library Group Votes to Discontinue Regular Public Meetings

At its monthly meeting held on November 27, 2001 the Quincy Library Group voted to "suspend regular public meetings because the Sierra Nevada Framework has effectively killed our project and until it is removed there is no effective way to implement our project as designed by the QLG and passed by Congress".

This does NOT mean that QLG ceases operations. It means only that QLG has decided to focus its efforts on processes that have a better chance of actually causing implementation of the Pilot Project, not waste more time and energy on repeated meetings with the hope that public verbal communication with the Forest Service would persuade them to implement the HFQLG Act as intended by QLG and specified by Congress.

Note also: The meetings are only "suspended," not permanently canceled. Changing circumstances, such as the initiation of a process that would actually lead to a new Framework decision within a reasonable time, could cause QLG to resume the regular public meetings.

Additional information

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November 27, 2001