Quincy Library Group
P.O. Box 1749 Quincy, CA 95971


November 23, 2001

Mr. Mark Rey, Undersecretary
Natural Resources and Environment
Department of Agriculture
Washington D.C.

Dear Mark,


We urge you to undertake a review of the Chief's decision for the following reasons:

1. The Chief's affirmation of the SNFPA ROD is based on what the Chief himself characterizes as an incomplete analysis. He says that “...certain elements of the decision require further review,” and he “...will instruct that certain aspects of the decision be subject to additional review and analysis.”

2. The Chief says he wants to increase local participation, but his action is profoundly antagonistic and discouraging to most of the people and organizations who have been willing to make themselves available for local processes. The QLG represents a nationally recognized example of local involvement, and the SNFPA decision effectively kills the HFQLG Pilot Project.

3. The Chief says, “I believe further review is necessary to ensure that the five problem areas identified in the SNFPA were adequately balanced with goals of the HFQLG.” ... “...the Regional Forester should review the SNFPA decision to determine if additional opportunities exist to harmonize the goals of these two efforts.” We believe that the SNFPA decision kills the Congressionally authorized HFQLG Pilot Project. The necessity is not to "harmonize," but properly to make the SNFPA comply with the HFQLG Act.

We recommend that, as a result of your review, the SNFPA decision should be remanded for reconsideration of the Regional Forester's decision, and that a definite time line should be specified for reaching a corrected decision.



Ed Murphy, Corresponding Secretary