Date   3/25/98
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Sign a Petition to Reverse the Nuclear Bailout

Your electricity bill now includes a special surcharge for bailing out California's three major utilities from their disastrously expensive investments in nuclear power. The bailout will cost tens of billions of dollars and is being paid for completely by you: the ratepayers A coalition of consumer groups is collecting signatures to get this issue on the November California ballot and it needs your support. This initiative will eliminate the surcharge, among other things. To obtain a petition which you can sign, call 415/782-6940, or write to: Californians Against Utility Taxes, 466 Green Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, CA 94133. Their Web site is


Prevent the Sale of California's National Forests
Senator Dianne Feinstein has introduced legislation for a five-year fire prevention "experiment" that will double logging and drastically increase road-building in California's Northern Sierra Nevada.

The Quincy Library Group Bill was proposed by a group of timber industry and government officials, and local citizens, who were working out of a local library in Quincy, California. It is being heralded as a successful consensus-based model for decision-making. Yet the citizens of California and environmental experts had no real input into the bill. In fact, S.1028 is opposed by 150 conservation organizations, 42 of which are California-based. Even Senator Barbara Boxer, an original cosponsor of the bill, recently withdrew her support when presented with the devastating impact of the proposed legislation on old-growth ecosystems.

New research suggests that the bill's untested fire prevention program could actually result in increased fire danger. Critics also complain that the bill's-logging plan was crafted to provide a cheap supply of publicly owned logs to local mills owned by Sierra Pacific Industries. Call Senator Dianne Feinstein at 202/224-3841 and urge her to withdraw her support from the Quincy Library Group Bill. If Senator Feinstein pulls her support from the bill, it will stop moving forward in the Senate. Or check the form below to send a CitizenLetter.

Every single day of the month, you can also make a five-minute call to the selected target -- and the call is FREE! You can hear the full text of the California CitizenLetter and background information on the issue by calling our 24-hour InfoLine at 800/672-2212.

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March California CitizenLetter

YES! Please send a Working Assets CitizenLetter to Senator Dianne Feinstein on my behalf, urging her to withdraw her support for the plan to increase logging in the Sierra Nevada. I understand a charge of $3 will be billed to my account next month.

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