Sierra Nevada Conservation Framework
Core Staff Meeting, CDF/FS Office, Sacramento
27 May, 1998

Notes by Mike Chapel, USFS
(May 28, 1998)

Staff Attending: Jim Barry (CDP&R), Mike Chapel (USFS), Ken Greenberg (EPA), Judy Heath (Calfed), Larry Helm (CDP&R), Russ Henly (CDF), Frank Jerauld (Central Sierra RC&D), Sue Ladner (USDA-RD), Galen Lee (SWRCB), Jerry Reioux (NRCS), and Carl Rountree (BLM).

Observers: Jean Adams (Ansel Adams Gallery), Pat Blacklock (Calif. Cattlemen's Assn.), Sue Britting (Sierra Forest Protection Camp.) and John Hofmann (CFA).


1.Multi-species habitat conservation plans
2.Biodiversity conservation plans
3.Issue-based planning (fire, old-growth, etc.)
4.Coordinated Watershed plans
5. Multi-scale monitoring leading to coop management plans

Following the presentations, several participants offered several general recommendations for integrating state and federal programs in the Sierra. No specific arrangements were made.

The meeting closed with a discussion about the future role for the staff committee and future work for the group. Several observers remarked that the role of staff committee remains unclear and the future direction of the Framework project needs clarification. Mr. Chapel noted that an executive leadership team is being organized and the team will meet as soon as possible. He also promised to discuss the role for staff committee with Regional Forester Sprague and Station Director Salwasser and report back to the committee. The staff team decided to postpone scheduling the next meeting until the roles and expectations from the team has been clarified. Mr. Chapel promised to get clarification and respond to the committee as soon as possible.


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