Mill Closures

Sierra Pacific Industries

   1) Loyalton (2001)  GoogleEarth Go to mill

   2) Susanville (2003) GoogleEarth Go to mill

        Lassen County News (12/22/03)

        LA Times (12/18/03)

   3) Quincy (2009) Go to mill

        SPI Press Release (3/2/09)

        Congressman Herger Press Release (3/3/09)

        Feather River Bulletin (courtesy of Feather Publishing)

              Sierra Pacific Industries to close small-log mill (3/4/09)

              Mill workers consider their options (3/11/09)

              Mill shutdown: Supply or demand? (3/11/09)

              Editorial: Double whammy: Economy and lawsuits close mill (3/11/09)

        Sacramento Bee (3/4/09)

        Redding Searchlight

             Story (3/2/09)

             Editorial (3/6/09)

        New York Times (3/5/09)

        SOS Forests  Western Institute for Study of the Environment Commentary (3/6/09)

        KNCO interview (3/5/09)


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