Calpine Fire????

The community of Calpine was threatened by a wildfire on Saturday, June 23, the day before the Angoura Fire at Lake Tahoe,


Unlike the Angoura Fire, which burned 3,100 acres, the Calpine fire was easily suppressed and caused no damage.  It is important to note that the Forest Service had accomplished considerable fuel reduction adjacent to the communities involved in the Angoura Fire (map).  Sam Wilbanks, Sierraville District Ranger, described the Calpine fire situation (news release), “due to the amount of fuel reduction in the area, the fire was contained at 50 acres, even considering the high winds on Saturday.  The fuel reduction was part of a QLG defensible fuel profile zone around Calpine.  Due to the thinning, the fire retardant was more effective in slowing the spread of the fire and hand crews were able to contain the fire – in part - due to the fuel reduction work.  In the treated areas, the Calpine Fire actually behaved more like an underburn rather than a raging wildfire,” continued Wilbanks.  “Most of the trees will survive, and there is minimal damage to soil and watershed resources.” (more)The Calpine fire is another example of QLG influenced forest thinning that moderates fire behavior.  The forest thinning enhances fire suppression options with greatly reduced suppression costs and it results in significantly diminshed damage to the forest, watershed, wildlife habitat and other values.

Additional success stories of fires that have been positively influenced by QLG strategic fuel reduction projects include:  the Pidgeon Fire, the Stream Fire, the Treasure Fire, and the Boulder Fire.

Calpine fire suppression effort

Calpine fire suppression