Senator applauds forest use proposal

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By Debra Moore
Feather River Bulletin
Staff Writer
Wednesday, Sept. 8, 1993

After a morning spent gaining firsthand knowledge of forest management, United States Senator Barbara Boxer, returned to the offices of Collins Pine in Chester to meet with representatives of the Quincy Library Group. The Saturday, Sept. 4 meeting was arranged to brief Boxer on the unique approach this area agreed on and wishes to implement on the Plumas, Lassen, and parts of the Tahoe National Forest.

Plumas County Board of Supervisors Chairman Bill Coates sat opposite the senator at a large conference table filled with people who wanted to explain some facet of the plan to her. Coates introduced Boxer and thanked her for taking time from her incredible schedule to visit the area. He described the events of the morning to the group. "Barbara asked a ton of very perceptive questions. It was a very, very positive experience," he said. "Now we'd like to talk about the Quincy Library Group Proposal."

Coates introduced the two men who did most of the explaining at the meeting, Michael Jackson, an environmental attorney and Tom Nelson, a forester with Sierra Pacific Industries. The group told Boxer the plan evolved out of a desire to preserve forest health, implement good science, and stabilize the community. What was really unique about the plan was the diverse group which decided to ignore their differences and strive to promote their common goals. As they explained the plan, Boxer listened intently and interrupted when she needed clarification. What the group was asking of Boxer was twofold, support in Washington for the plan, and funding. It was estimated implementation of the QLG proposal would exceed current funding by $20 million. Though they realized, it was a large amount of money it could be compared to the cost of fighting one major forest fire. And fire was a real concern for the forest if some of the QLG proposed practices were not implemented. At the, conclusion of their remarks, Boxer addressed the group.

I want to say I'm proud of all of you that you could come together and address this issue. I think it's important that we get people to know about this plan."

Boxer pledged to support the plan in Washington. She said she would promote the proposal with the Califomia Unity Working Group, which included various members of the California delegation. Boxer also promised to present the plan to Vice President Al Gore, who she thouht would be highly receptive to it. She hoped he could be persuaded to come to the area for his own personal tour.

In summation Boxer told the group, "Here's what I want to leave you with. I think it's exciting. I think its a model."

She thanked Collins Pine for the tour of their facility and commended them on their fine forestation practices. Boxer also thanked Coates for inviting her to the area.











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