QLG Appeal of the SNFPA Decision Page 57

Relief Requested

1. Withdraw the ROD and remand with instructions that include:

a. Implement CASPO Interim Guidelines until a new Decision is reached.

b. Initiate fuel reduction in Urban Wildland Intermix Zones at the scale and pace of the Cohesive Strategy, and in DFPZs around communities and across the landscape in the QLG area at the scale and pace stated in the HFQLG Act. The HFQLG Act and Final EIS permit construction of DFPZs in the Urban Wildland Intermix Zones and the use of group selection and individual tree selection harvests to accomplish thinning in adjacent areas, the combination of which would be virtually the same as treatments in Defense and Threat zones proposed for areas outside the HFQLG Pilot Project. It is vital to initiate fuel reduction immediately at maximum scale and pace under the CASPO Interim Guidelines, not wait for the SNFPA process to produce new rules.

2. Issue a Supplemental EIS to correct legal deficiencies and other faults in the FEIS. This should be done as quickly as possible, but it must be done correctly.

3. Assure full implementation of the HFQLG Pilot Project. The so-called "mitigation" has expired, and it must not be resurrected. The HFQLG FEIS and ROD established a requirement for reconsideration of the mitigation when 18 months passed without new permanent Cal Owl guidelines. The 18 months have passed, and reconsideration should take place as part of this appeal process, with the CASPO Interim Guidelines established as governing the HFQLG Pilot Project until a SNFPA Supplemental EIS and new ROD are properly issued to supercede the CASPO IGs.

4. Support stewardship projects to learn more about land management and the relationship between the community and the land.

5. Issue a new Decision.