QLG Appeal of the SNFPA Decision. page 59

Appendix List.

A. Washington Office Review and ID Team reply.

A-1 WO Review.

A-2 ID Team reply.

B. Tables and graphs from the Planning Record.

C. Danny Lee letter.

D. California spotted owl material.

D-1 Spotted Owl Strategy Discussion, November 2, 2000.

D-2 Notes on audio tapes of Spotted Owl Meeting, June 21-23, 1999.

E. Statement by Phil Weatherspoon and Carl Skinner

F. The SPLAT Strategy is a Fraud. Explanation and misapplication of the Finney Effect.

G. QLG request for information.

H. Forest Service reply to G, information on treatment rates.

I. Treatment Rate Required to be Consistent with the Cohesive Strategy.

J. Ron Stewart's Review of Fuels Management and the SNFPA.

K. Search for the Definitive Statement of the Selected Alternative

L. Cooperative Resolution, industrial timberland owners.

M. County Resolutions.

M-1 Plumas County Resolution.

M-2 Lassen County Resolution.

N. Forest Service Manual requirements for considering economic and social issues and their monitoring.