September 1996

Quincy Library Group


The QLG proposal is a grass roots effort among numerous community members to agree on how selected local national forest level) resources should be managed.

The key features of the initial QLG proposal included:

  1. extensive focus on forest fuels management;
  2. community economic stability through increased timber production combined with establishment of a sustained yield unit to limit competition;
  3. protection of significant old-growth reserves;
  4. a high degree of riparian area protection by implementing the SAT recommendations;
  5. emphasis on watershed restoration; and
  6. uneven age silvicultural prescriptions single tree or small group selection.

The Library Group has produced a map for the "QLG area" (Plumas NF, Lassen NF, and the Sierraville District of the Tahoe NF) displaying land areas they believe should be open to management and areas off-base to management activities. The Forests have expressed support for grass roots efforts to address fuels and forest health issues, and community stability.

Current Status

The Forests are currently involved with QLG in several areas:

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