National Audubon Visit to Plumas and Sierra Counties

On Thursday, December 4, 1997, Senior Vice President Dan Beard and Forest Campaign Coordinator Mike Leahy of the National Audubon Society visited Plumas and Sierra Counties. The visit consisted of a field trip to the Highway 89 Defensible Fuel Profile Zone on the Sierraville Ranger District of the Tahoe National Forest, following by dinner in Quincy.

Following dinner a question and answer session was held at the Plumas-Sierra County Cooperative Extension office.

The question and answer session was very cordial. The focus of the discussion was: the public participation concerns, legal precedent and on the ground implementation.

Participants included the following:

Dinner: Mike Yost (Plumas Audubon & QLG), Barbara Palmerton (Plumas Audubon), Leah Wills (Plumas Corporation), Dan Beard, Sherry Yarnell (Plumas Audubon), Sally Yost (Plumas Audubon), Joyce Scroggs (Plumas Audubon), Mike Kossow (Friends of Plumas Wilderness & QLG), Mike Leahy, Jonathan London (U. C. Berkeley Graduate Student), John Sheehan (Plumas Corporation & QLG), Mike De Lasaux (U. C. Cooperative Extension & QLG), Virginia Massey (Plumas Audubon)

Meeting: Mike Yost, Dan Beard, Sherry Yarnell, Sally Yost, Joyce Scroggs, Mike Kossow, Mike Leahy, Terry Simon-Jackson (Plumas Audubon), Gary Rotta (Plumas Audubon), Elisa Adler (Plumas Audubon), John Sheehan, Mike De Lasaux, Virginia Massey

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