Quincy Library Group
February 7, 1994
Loyalton, CA

m/s/c Meacher/Baremore to accept minutes as presented.

QLG Mailings

Linda Blum expressed concern over the size of the QLG mailing list and suggested that the liaisons from the three forests take on the responsibility of making sure that QLG materials are distributed within the individual forests. Mike De Lasaux indicated that this would cut the 135+ mailing list approximately in half. Materials will now be addressed to the forest supervisors and distributed from there.

Ron Stewart Letter

Bill Coates passed out copies of a letter from Ron Stewart and the LNF, PNF, TNF Forest Supervisors to the Districts advocating and encouraging support for the Proposal,

La Porte District Meeting

Chuck Smay of the La Porte District (PNF) would like to present projects on the district to the QLG. Meeting to be set for March 11

Washington DC Trip

Bill Coates explained that the QLG is encouraging as many people as possible to go on the trip to DC, The plan Is to have a "core" group of about 10 visit Lyons/Thomas and teams of 3 to visit the list of other legislators, agency and staff people. Teams will make 6-8 meetings each day with debriefings each night. Background information is being developed for the trip.

Forest Reports


Keith Crummer reported that Walt Levings has been assigned full time to QLG issues. Keith also introduced Mary Lou Mini and Judy Welles as the project leaders for the QLG sales occurring on the Almanor Ranger District.


Frank Ferguson reported that he and Wayne Thornton have been traveling to districts to bring them up to speed on the proposal.


John Kennedy reported that discussion on the Forest has lead to the conclusion that ID teams and their meetings are internal, but consultation from the QLG and other publics is acceptable. Kennedy presented concerns over the SAT guidelines and the amount of land they took out of timber production. Tom Nelson stated that we are dealing with a five year period and that there is enough land available for harvest in the interim.

Kennedy also stated concerns over application of SAT guidelines in true fir. Nelson commented that old growth concerns are limited by CASPO anyway and that area control is self-regulating as it is related to past management.

Kennedy expressed concern that group selection cannot be done without cutting large trees. He also requested on behalf of S. Bishop a white paper on range management.

Kennedy asked if the Perazzo project was a specific problem or if it was a general TF problem.

Mike Jackson said logging of true fir could be considered in other areas. He asked that the USFS not deal with the more difficult issues first.

Kennedy requested information to clarify "pre-settlement" . The TNF was working on the assumption that this term referred to pre-1850. Kennedy was told that specific date not important. Getting back to landscape that results from natural functions was the key.

Phase II

Mike Jackson reported on presentations he and B. Coates gave to California Forestry Association (CFA) and Sierra Cascade Logging Conference (SCLC) . CFA is in support of QLG but members still have concerns over the Sustained Yield Unit. Jackson also reported on the Western Ancient Forest Conference. Oregon Natural Resources Council announced their position to have no harvesting from Federal Lands. Some concern was expressed over what to do with industry loggers. The comment was made that the QLG was a game with four aces-- the four aces being Industry, Forest Service, Environmentalists, and Political Support.


Ed Murphy reported on a meeting held in Chester with the LNF. The forest has a better understanding of the proposal and efforts are moving along better between the QLG and LNF.

Working Circle Committee

John Sheehan circulated handouts containing percent of material processed inside the SYU. John asserted that three other approaches to determining SYU percentage should be looked at including volume of stumpage sold by forest in and out of SYU, what private activity has occurred historically and what capacity and minimum need are of facilities within the circle. There has been no weighting of the above criteria. Brooks Mitchell asked about the biological potential of the forests involved. Sheehan requested approval for dependency statement. Approval to be deferred until 2/10 meeting. Frank Ferguson indicated that the law has two requirements for approving a Sustained Yield Unit-- proof of timber dependency and proof that the current sale program will not provide stability. Michael Jackson stated that our communities were born dependent on Federal timber. Sheehan also asked for approval of the draft on the SYU. Approval also deferred to 2/10. m/s/c for Sheehan to pursue USFS funds to study contracting issues. Nelson informed the group that Option 9 forests are looking at stewardship contracts without including QLG even though Clinton has revised the Option 9 area to include a large part of the LNF.

Discussion was held regarding the freeze on USFS Full Time Equivalents (FTE) and the need for more to make the QLG a success. The need for flexibility in hiring within the forests was emphasized.

Mike Goodner of Big Valley Lumber (BVL) presented a proposal to include the BVL facility in Burney within the SYU. BVL is a small business, small log facility heavily dependent on the LNF for log supply. Comments were made that the proposed inclusion is at this point premature since there is a great chance that the percentage allowed to leave the SYU may be adequate to sustain the facility.

Concerns were expressed by T. Nelson/E. Murphy over the manipulation of the SBA program.

Fuels Presentation

Tad Mason/Garry Pritchard of Pacific fuels gave a presentation on co-generation facilities in the area and promoted awareness of the imminent need for accessible and affordable co-generation materials, stating that because of the contract they hold with PG & E, Pacific Fuels may be forced to cut back operations in the near future if the fuels aren't made available.

Monitoring Committee

John Redd gave an update on the status of the monitoring committees. Handouts were included.

Adaptive Management Study

Steve Self reported on a two day meeting with the Owl team where agreement was reached on study design and owl sites where. harvesting may occur will be determined soon. Self also announced a meeting to be held on 2/18 with Regional Forester Stewart and NRDC, Audubon, QLG, etc. A presentation by Dr. Verner has been set for 3/2 in Quincy which will be an "owl seminar" and Verner will be discussing the 2-pronged approach to the owl studty whereby the first five years will be study and the next effort will be modeling a response. Self indicated that there is potential for local employment through the monitoring process.

Ad Hoc Timber Sale Committees

Lassen Susan Baremore reported that the committee had met with the Almanor District and that after looking at all of the existing outyear planning, that the Butt Creek Management area had been chosen to prepare two sales that have already had some preliminary work done on them. Baremore expressed concerns that the Forest Service was concerned about beginning work under the QLG proposal without actually having the USFS "signed off" on it. There also was some concern over what consitituted an adaptive management area in this proposal.

Ed Murphy commented that group selection can only happen in areas for adaptive management. CASPO guidelines apply to green area on the map. Murphy stated that the USFS should look at group harvest options in watersheds. Further, groups should be considered in large areas of second growth (30-90 yr. old) where it can be applied economically.

Plumas Linda Blum reported that 9-10 members of the QLG met with resources staff to begin getting the ideas applied to the ground.

Tahoe Anne Eldred reported that their sale will be in the Kyburz Planning Area and an ID Team meeting has been scheduled for 2/9 with Brian West and Gary Ranz to attend as well.

Range Concerns

Concerns over the SAT guidelines and how those will affect permittees were readdressed. A committee chaired by Wally Roney will be looking at SAT guidelines, producing a white paper, and defining budgetary needs.

Additions to Steering Committee

Claud Neely, Lassen County Supervisor and Mike Goodner, Big Valley Lumber were added to the Steering Committee.

Foundation Grants

Mike Jackson will be pursuing the idea of getting foundation grants to help begin funding those QLG participants who lose wages in order to attend QLG meetings

Master Calendar

Lenny Gallegos requested that a master list of committee meetings be kept in order to allow individuals greater opportunity to participate. John Redd to keep calendar,

Future QLG Meetings

Discussion was held regarding the possibility of setting up meetings that are anchored to a specific week of month/day of week and to explore having steering committee meetings the evening prior to QLG meetings.

Next Meeting

The next QLG meeting will be Wednesday, March 2, 1994 with a steering committee meeting the night before.

Respectfully Submitted,

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