Meeting Notes of the Quincy Library Group
May 7, 1998 9 AM to 4 PM
Fairgrounds Mineral Building
Quincy, California

1. Introductions and Attendees:

QLG: M. Delasaux, B. Coates, M.Yost, G.& P. Terhune, S. Baremore, E. Murphy, T. Nelson, M. Jackson, H. Reeves, B. Dahle, J. Mitchell, L. Blum, D. Castaldini, F. Stewart, B. West, J. Sheehan (recorder), T. Mason, M. Kossow, R. Comstock, B. Farnworth.
USFS: D. Stone, C. Christman, Ed Gee, K. Connaughton, S. Wilbanks; H. Salwasser and P. Aune (PSW),
Visitors: Debra Coates, Keith Gilless and Larry Ruth (UC Berkeley), Ed Kiester (Smithsonian Magazine), Bobby Jones, Juan Caicedo and another FRC student, Mike Santuccio and Cathy Blier (CDF), Jonathan London, Tom Garayoa (B of A)

Garayoa makes presentation of $20,000 check on behalf of Bank of America
Foundation to Pat Terhune for QLG. Speaks to his and the Bank's continued
interest in and support of QLG.

2. Recent and Upcoming Meetings:

3. QLG Bill

Blum reported on bill hold by Sen. Boxer. The suggestion was made to mobilize QLG supporters for communicating to Senators Boxer and Feinstein. Jackson suggests using the RCRC network and developing resolution for Counties. Committee formed and workplan attached. "Community Outreach Strategy" adopted with exception of dropping local Post Office outreach. Template letters to be developed.

4. USFS Contracting

Lou Wilson, USFS contracting officer for the province (Modoc, Lassen and Plumas NFs), speaks about new contracting procedures, including multi year (5) service agreements. $18 million will be let in "advance acquisitions" this FFY. Wilson reviews procedures on combining timber sales with biomass thinning. He reports that this is only possible when logs are" incidental" to the overall project. Wilson requests assistance in working with local thinning/biomass contractors with smaller machinery to provide them with access to business planning and capital.

5. Implementation Committee

USFS received $3.9 million in FFY '98 for continuation of FHP. Delasaux speaks to FFY '97 plan of work accomplishments. S. Wilbanks speaks to "Liberty" sale and appeals filed.


6. Sierra Nevada Conservation Framework

H. Salwasser (PSW) speaks about recent letter from RO to Sierra Nevada NFs on this issue. There are four steps in process:

a) The Letter itself, clarifying existing guidelines and direction in terms of old growth, riparian, furbearers, fuels and roadless. Letter clarifies adaptive management and pulls such authority from forests back to RO.

b) Review, Synthesize and Analyze new scientific information (e.g. SNEP). Connie Millar will develop a draft by mid-summer that will state USFS' "Notice of Intent to Amend" the Sierran forest plans, focusing on the areas noted above.

c) Develop and Adopt Amendments to the Sierran forest plans through NEPA process lasting until 7/99.

d) Develop, over a four year period, a new " Framework for Collaboration and conservation" for the Sierran NFs. Salwasser suggests that science is not lacking but collaboration is. Murphy reviews difficulty of initiating collaboration from above. Nelson talks about difficulties with pipeline projects. B.Coates speaks to lack of action proceeding from previous "framework" type efforts. G. Terhune talks about efforts being stopped by some participants.

7. Fire Surrogates Study

P. Aune (PSW) shows slides on the study model. Surrogate study is conceived of as long range study similar to the fifty year "Long Term Soil Productivity Study". There is little science on silviculture mimicking fire and therefore the fire surrogates study is needed. They will develop plots and monitoring throughout the country, including possibly the QLG area. The concept includes looking at least these scenarios:

* no treatments
* prescribed fire only
* mechanical treatments plus fire
* mechanical without fire

M/S, Passed: QLG send support letter to PSW

8. Biofuels/Ethanol

Sheehan and Mason report on: Ca Energy Commission's PIER decisions have not been announced yet (Collins and Ogden)---decisions expected by end of month. Assembly. Bowen and Richter have joined forces on a bill which would allow ethanol in Ca and compare it to MTBE. Tosco Oil Co has determined to start selling ethanol blends in Bay area in response to MTBE problem.

9. Foundation Update

P. Terhune reports on Foundation prospects and waiting for QLG bill to pass. Separate Irvine grant to be pursued.

10. Silviculture White Paper

Yost briefly reviewed draft paper including adding some SNEP language. Determination made to put draft paper on web site ( for review and possible adoption at June meeting.

11. Hazard Fuels Reduction Funding

Mason speaks of progress & success in increasing federal funding to Ca. Tour to be held June 2&3 in Tahoe.

12. Sierra NF trip

Phil Aune spoke of a possible date of 7/14 for tour of Kings River Study (group selection) by Jerry Verner. Those going should plan to be there the night before.


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