Quincy Library Group
March 28, 2000
Abbreviated Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 9:10 a.m. by Bill Coates.

The April 27, 2000 meeting will be held in the Conference Room of the Plumas Unified School District building in Quincy. The meeting will begin at 9:00 a.m.

The May 26, 2000 meeting will be held in the meeting room at the Quincy Library.

Linda Blum with Frank Stewart's assistance will finish and send a letter to Gov. Davis requesting Davis' help with implementing the pilot project.

Jeanene Hafen will work with Linda Blum and John Sheehan about getting agendas out at least one week prior to meetings. Jeanene will do minutes of motions and action items.

A press release will be written and distributed by John Sheehan when Brad Powell's decision on the appeals is released.

Rose Comstock made a motion, with Pat Terhune's second, that a letter of support for the U.C. Northern Sierra Nevada Science Symposium be sent to the U.C. Forest Ecosystem and Communities Workgroup. Mike DeLasaux will work with Linda Blum on a letter to go out under Linda's signature.

John Sheehan asked that a QLG policy/process/recommendation be developed on how to handle deferred and off-base areas for post-fire conditions and for watershed restoration. Rose Comstock will work on doing a summary of the references from the Act, House committee language, and FEIS.

Rose Comstock and George Terhune will work with the Beckworth Ranger District to arrange a field trip to see the Horton II burn area where a DFPZ is planned.

Linda Blum made a motion, seconded by Bob Allen, to write a letter to the Beckworth District Ranger about the plan to use for the Horton II project QLG appropriated dollars meant for HFQLG pilot project when fire salvage funds should be available.

Submitted by Jeanene C. Hafen