March 2,1994 - 9 a.m., Quincy, CA

1. Introductions: 49 citizens attended

2. Reviewed & approved agenda -

Additional items:

1. Thank you notes for support of DC trip
2. Discuss the Applegate
3. Road concerns
4. Review appt. from DC

3. Reviewed and Approved Minutes

4. Review meeting w/Lyons & Thomas in DC - Coates reporting

Bill felt that Thomas wants to get down to work. Thomas was not encouraging about the funding problems we're going to run into, he feels we should try to go forward as much as possible. QLG conveyed the message to Thomas that if he wants ecosystem management it's not free. Lyons feels the proposal deserves to work, if it goes down it wouldn't be the USFS fault. In a meeting held the following day w/USFS staff Walt Levings (LNF) reported that Thomas was 1) extremely supportive, 2) wanted to hear from (LNF, PNF, TNF) Lassen Planning Team, what they needed to make this work, 3) flexibility on budgets, hoped to help in changing or looking at specific barriers, 4) Administrative Study that Verner is working on is a very key part of our (USFS) work, 5) EIS has the alternative in it that could make group selection a part of the USFS process, 6) it was clear that '94 money was allocated already.

Did Thomas give any indication about the 2 million needed for Verner to do the study? No, maybe $150-$200,000 coming. Sierra Nevada Ecosystem Project (SNEP) should be asked for the money to support the research. Self stated that this is not just a go out and count, we want to pin down what is and isn't good for the owls, we have to try and find the money. DeLasaux talked to D. Fiske and she implied that she has talked to QLG about this. DeLasaux to try and clear up confusion. DeLasaux feels SNEP is getting a clear picture of what they need to do. It was decided that DeLasaux would chair our Finance Committee, w/R. Meacher, J.Sheehan, S.Self, G.Ranz to track money issues.

Tom Nelson was designated QLG member to stay in contact w/Thomas. F.Stewart was designated to work on the Lyons Campaign Committee to go there issue by issue and follow up w/Lyons.

5. Plumas School District - Paul Hewitt

Hewitt has received a copy of Herger's Dear Colleague letter. Herger has sent letter to Yates, Regula (Vice-Chair Appropriations), Byrd, Mickles, Thomas. We need to target groups that Herger felt needed to be informed about school funding. The PTA was ready to generate 2000 letters. Hewitt felt that all 3 Counties involved are coordinating in this effort. School folks need to coordinate w/QLG to make sure we're not stepping on each other. School Committee Susan Baremore, Anne Eldred and all school representatives involved with decisions concerning the QLG be on this committee. S. Baremore and Eldred shall act as QLG spokespersons on this committee. F.Ferguson had summary of the USFS briefing paper that addresses the language change for the 95% monies to be implemented here on the CASPO area.

S.Baremore will also be responsible for making sure the Dear Colleague letter gets sent out per C.Berwick (Herger DC)

6. A. Lassen National Forest Report - Levings list of scheduled meetings - will send written report

3/9 Chester ID meeting - Butte Creek Mgmt Area 3/21 Hat Creek ID meeting (2 p.m.) - Hat Creek Work Center, Hwy 89 3/16 Eagle Lake ID meeting (7 p.m.) - Susanville Supervisor's.Office

Questions raised -

1.Butte Creek Area is on Northern Edge of Deferred area?
2.Expansion requests have come in for fur bearers - districts are being further impacted by the gathering of info - less people to do the QLG work

B. Plumas Nat. Forest Report - Ferguson

1. Discussed school budget legislation
2. USFS budget reform process

C. Tahoe Nat. Forest Report - Bishop

Looking at projects they can work on with little bit of seed money.


A. Phase II - outreach to DC
B. Transition - USFS on board
C. Working Circle - (Sheehan) Committee looked at revised numbers from data gathered from timber management within the SYU-. 45% Lassen, 72% Plumas 73% Tahoe-Sierraville Dist.

Working on Data Sets

1. % of manufactured sawlogs in SYU
2. % of sales inside & outside SYU
3. 11/0 of private timber - hasn't been presented to comm.
4. needs of mills within SYU

B. Holder (USFS) is working on gathering data on private timber %'s.

Next meeting goals: Biomass is not included in prescription, definition of culls is not clear on LNF & PNF. Hopefully a final report can come out of 3/14 meeting for Steering Comm. to review. We need to make Lyons do more of the work, need to get him moving and worry about details later. Sheehan has some changes to make concerning sunset date. J.Sheehan will send a DRAFT to Lyons/Thomas with approval of Nelson, Coates and Jackson.

8. Comm. Stability Monitoring Comm. - (J.Redd) update, firming up the monitoring report that went to DC - K.Harcksen has lots of info on monitoring that could help us.

9. Range committee - W.Roney

Would like to (or is) including the CRM with the range comm. to work on range issues. A. 3/8 all permittees from LNF, PNF, TNF will have a meeting.

3/15 large meeting of comm. at fairgrounds. USFS-SAT guidelines will be discussed

10. Adaptive Mgmt. Study - S. Self

K. Harcksen (Blacks Mt. Research Station) PSW requested support from QLG to do a full ID team experiment on the QLG land base also support in getting the funding. F. Stewart questioned who we are to talk to about getting support. Verner is in charge of administrative study - Time to integrate the different experimental designs. Self agreed that monitoring and research are coming very close together. (L. Blum K.Harksen are to draft a letter to USFS for reinvention - not sure I got that whole remark). Administrative Study is required by law and it means to study it all.

11. Plumas Planning Comm. - Blum

A meeting is set for 3/11 in Oroville with Chuck Smay, Dist. Rgr. & QLG. They will show where they are doing or going to do projects. F. Stewart, R. Comstock, J. Redd, S. Self, T. Nelson to attend, L. Blum unable to.

12. Tahoe Planning Comm. -

A.Eldred, West met w/the ID team. Letter was read advising (legally) the Sierraville Dist. Office that Ann & Brian could not be involved in the technical meeting. Future meetings they would be able to attend because of public notice. Kyburz watershed area - 11,000 acres - lots of discussion about the impacts.

13.Applegate -John Kussel

Has sent a letter to every national environmental group to sit at the table (invitation). Applegate feelings are that the nationals are fighting the group on resolving the issues. The Applegate group would like QLG's support. Applegate has been running into a wall, Pew & Ford foundation is looking into why the national groups are opposed to the grassroots efforts. Boxer's office has been getting calls from nationals who call every week. There is concern that the nationals are opposing us, calling Applegate, QLG dangerous, because we are talking, the battle lines are moving (sounds familiar). Nationals feel local people doing consensus work are a big problem. L.Blum will write support letter for support of and encouragement of this process for Applegate.

14. Feather River Resource Conservation District would like to endorse our Proposal, verbally requested to do this.

15. Roads - We need to find funding for local work. R.Meacher - has the Dept. of Interior been looked at for restoration? Dept. of Ag., Fish & Wildlife, etc? Pearly Reed could possibly help on road funding - Coates to contact while in DC next week.

Next meeting set for April 21 in Chester at 9-00 am

Respectfully submitted - Rose Comstock

P.S. A letter was passed to me from Rhonda Barkhart from the Hat Creek Ranger Dist. that said they had sent a scoping letter in Jan. regarding Salvage & Forest Health EA. They are requesting a response from QLG. I Would like a copy for our records, of the scoping letter, and is someone responding to this request formally

I left a little early from this meeting so if there seems to be a missing piece here, you're right. REMINDER I need the congressional Handbooks Women in Timber LOANED for the DC trip. BRING TO NEXT MEETING. Also George Terhune had a letter of request for help in data gathering concerning fuel management, watershed improvements, etc. Did anyone else get a copy. If not contact George. (283-0899 ASAP!)












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