Quincy Library Group
Meeting Agenda
9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Thursday, April 27, 2000
Plumas Unified School District Conference Room
50 Church Street, Quincy, California

Call to Order  
Introductions Coates
Review Minutes of the previous meeting and Agenda items  
Set June meeting date  
Old Business:  
1. Letter to Gov. Davis. Blum
2. Press Releases on Powell's decision. Sheehan
3. Letter of support for Science Symposium Blum
4. Washington D.C. meetings of April 5 Blum/Stewart/Nelson
5. Field trip to Horton II planned DFPZ Terhune/Comstock
6. Letter to Beckworth Ranger District re: Horton II Blum
7. Deferred and Off-Base Position Comstock/Sheehan
New Business:  
1. H-F QLG Pilot Project Update Sichting/Peters
2. P2C2 Report Terhune
     a. Appeal decision  
     b. Annual Report to Congress  
     c. FHP Monitoring Report  
     d. QLG Comments on FS projects  
     e. Forest Stewards Guild field trip