CHICO, CA. 95973

March 13, 1998

Linda Blum, Edward Murphy
Quincy Library Group
P. O. Box 1749
Quincy, Ca. 95971

Dear Linda & Ed,

Thank you for your invitation to serve on the Quincy Library Group implementation team. I will be happy to serve as a member of the team to ensure that the Forest Service's interpretation of the statute is consistent with the QLG intent.

As we have discussed various times in the past regarding the issue of unintended impacts on grazing permittees, such direct representation on the implementation team is absolutely essential to avoid an economic train wreck for many family ranch operations dependent upon seasonal grazing on the National Forests. I understand that a part of my role on the QLG implementation team will be to facilitate consultations with individual permittees who have grazing allotments on which implementation projects may be conducted, for the purpose of resolving misunderstandings and avoiding unnecessary conflicts between the needs of on-the-ground cattle management and the conduct of project work, so that we can prevent confrontations and appeals that could seriously impede the implementation of he QLG goals.

I look forward to the hard work ahead of us on the QLG implementation team. Please advise me of any further formalities that may be required to confirm my membership. To ensure that I receive all information and timely notice of any meetings of the implementation team, my mailing address, telephone number, fax

Wally Roney Land & Cattle Co. 515 Roney Trail

Chico, Ca. 95973



Wally Roney

cc's:  Congressman Wally Herger
     Lynn Sprague, USFS
     Kent Connaughton, USFS
     Judie Tartaglia, USFS
     Mark Madrid, USFS
     David Lile, UCCE
     Carolyn Richardson, CFBFBruce Blodgett, CFBFPat Blacklock, CCA
     Lance Kotschwar, PLC
     Hannah Tangemann-Cheny, CFBF, Permittee
     Dick O'Sullivan, CCA, Permittee
     Tim Garrod, CCA
     Willy Hagge, CCA, Permittee
     Jerry Jemsted, CCA


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