P.O. Box 1749, Quincy, California 95971

January 22, 1998

Mr. Wally Roney
515 Roney Trail
Chico, California 95973

Dear Wally,

Based on recent phone conversations you've had with some of our members, it's probably wise for the Quincy Library Group (QLG) to restate and clarify our position on grazing issues. With the QLG bill presently on the Senate floor awaiting final Congressional action, now might be a good time.

As we discussed at our last meeting, the QLG has consistently felt that none of our proposals will have any effect on Federal grazing permits within the affected national forests. We believe that both our agreement and the current legislation (H.R.858,S.1028) accurately reflect this position.

We realize that you are not as comfortable with this position as we are. To that end, would you consider donating your time to assist the QLG implementation team that will review Forest Service NEPA documents (EIS, EAs) once our legislation is enacted? The purpose of this team is to insure that Forest Service implementation of the statute is consistent with QLG intent. As such, grazing expertise on this group would certainly be valued and it may allay some of your present concerns.

Please let use know if you are interested in participation on this team, so that we might arrange a combined meeting with the affected forests.




Linda L. Blum
Corresponding Secretaries for the Quincy Library Group

Edward C. Murphy

Healthy Forests & Stable Communities for Lassen, Plumas & Sierra Counties, California

Sunday, January ,(, /),( 0(:,(:,( AM