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Mr. Steve Bishop-USFS Regional Range Specialist
USFS Regional Office
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San Francisco, CA. 94111-2214

July 8, 1998


Re: Quincy Library Group Meeting Invitation

Dear Mr. Bishop,

At the June 24th Quincy Library Group steering committee meeting a discussion took place concerning the possibility of adverse impacts to grazing allotments within the QLG landbase should the pending legislation pass and be signed into law. More specifically, the SAT guideline requirements that are included in the current language of the pending legislation have been adopted from the President's Pacific Northwest Forest Plan concerning grazing and timber harvesting and there have been concerns raised about how these guidelines will affect the permittee's here in the QLG area of the Plumas, Lassen and Sierraville Ranger District of the Tahoe. It was agreed upon at the QLG meeting that it was important to seek out clarification on this issue as well as how the pending legislation could affect State adjudicated water rights by applying the language of the SAT guidelines.

You were recommended to be invited to attend the next scheduled meeting on July 23rd to be held in Quincy to be apart of a discussion concerning these issues. We would like information specifically about how the SAT guidelines have been applied to the grazing allotments on the affected forests within the Option 9 area since 1994 and could the same outcome occur on the Plumas, Lassen and Sierraville Ranger Districts should they be applied here? Also of interest would be some discussion of how the proposed Sierra Conservation Framework priority issue of aquatic, riparian, and meadow ecosystems: (3) grazing synopsis would be integrated with the implementation of the SAT guidelines within the QLG landbase area.

We have also invited representatives from the California Farm Bureau Federation and the California Cattlemen's Association and legal counsel from the State Water Resource Control Board to participate in this discussion with QLG members and other interested parties.

We look forward to your reply as soon as possible. If you are unable to attend could you please send a representative that could address these questions. If there is another date that is more accommodating to your schedule please let me know.



Rose Comstock
Quincy Library Group Steering Committee Member

cc: Quincy Library Group Steering Committee
Congressman Wally Herger
Regional Forester Lynn Sprague